About Us

The Atelier is an interior design studio that creates mesmerizing spaces.

Who We Are

The Atelier is an interior design studio that creates mesmerizing spaces.

Our focus is to provide seamless interior design experience for your residence or business. We do this while shattering the myth that good design burns a hole in your pocket! Once we help you design your space we work day and night to bring it to life by manufacturing and procuring the right pieces at the right price.

Our services are for homes, hospitality, retail and commercial spaces across India.



Interior design is the most important part of our work. The variety of designs that we give to our clients is our U.S.P which gives us an edge over others.


Customized furniture plays a very important role in designing any location be it a house, office or a landscape. With a hand on experience in mix & match of colors and materials, our customization gives a different look and feel to the property, hence enhancing the overall value.


We look for challenges in our work and accept them with arms wide open. While most companies fail to meet the deadline, exceed the budgets and repeat designs, we never do the same.


Inspired by Scandinavian, modern contemporary designs

Our design is all about straight lines with a pallet of very subtle colors ranging from warm beiges and browns to earth greys

We believe in adding color through décor items and big artworks

The philosophy behind doing the same is that hard interiors and furniture pieces can’t be changed every now and then, but things like cushion covers, wall arts or small décor items can be changed with mood and season

We use this design philosophy to bring out the best for your individual tastes and needs

Our Journey

Founded in 2013


Auto Cad Draftsmen

3D Max Designers

Trained Electricians & Plumbers

Furniture Manufacturing Team with Carpenters & Polishers

Outsourced Teams

POP False Ceilings, Painters, Steel Fabricators & Landscape Artists

Why Choose The Atelier Company

Personalized Design

Quality Delivery


Budget Friendly


We are delighted to serve you. Connect with us for your requirements

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